Monday, 17 November 2014

Remarkable Things

Remarkable, your twinkling eyes fringed with sooty lashes;
The mischief pouring out of them as you call, "Ammi? Ammi Ammi Ammi!"

Remarkable, your beautiful smile with four little pearlies peeping through;
The gurgling laughter that bubbles out from inside of you.

Remarkable, the way you wake up bright and chipper in the morning,
And holding your 'baby', declare to me: "Bye! Ammi, bye!"
And I laugh and say, "Where are you off to, my darling?"

Remarkable, everything about you - my precious, beautiful baby.
I love the way you stroke my face with the back of your palm,
And try to squish me with your body so cuddly

I love our 'silly-time', when we goof around and you giggle like crazy
I love, love, LOVE the sound of your laughter, little one.
There is nothing I wouldn't do for it, my little bunny

I love how you 'pray', just as I do
Or how you 'read' my Kindle, holding it up very professionally and tap-tap-tapping every now and then
Love how you delightedly exlaim 'Ammi!!!' when you know that something belongs to me and not to you.

Your adorableness, your cuteness, your countless actions, all remarkable and unique to my eyes; how will I ever enjoy any of it if I'm always glued to a screen?

May these eyes of mine always see the beauty of your being, and not just your outward charm
May these lips always overflow with loving advice, and not just criticism
May these ears always listen patiently, and not be distracted
May these hands always reach out to stroke and hug and pet, and not be too busy flying across the keyboard while you await your turn...

(Inspired by: Hands Free Mama )