Friday, 26 February 2016

SAHM Diaries (1)

Cacophony of sounds in your head. Day, night, in, out, asleep, awake - do this, do that, finish this, complete that. Never a moment's rest, not really.

Pretending to sleep so the 2 year old will sleep, all senses on high alert for the baby's cries from the next room. Does that count as rest?

Lying on the side in a precarious position while feeding the baby so she can sleep, but you? Not so much. The arm and shoulder go numb, the back hurts, but at least the baby sleeps, the sweet little darling.  Drifting off into fitful slumber just to dream of death and ghosts, demons and angels, past and present...hectic, busy, raucous - even the dreams. Not a moment of rest for the tired brain.

Now hear the alarm go off - shut it off, quick, before it awakens the baby - now hear the horrendous creaking from upstairs as some one gets up for Fajr.
Fajr! Oh dear - have I missed it? Hurriedly check sunrise time on MuslimPro, feel guilty about not being up sooner. Eventually...gradually...shuffle out of bed, out of toasty warm room, into icy cold bathroom.

Back in the room, finish praying...ah, bliss! What now? Get dinner started so you have time to exercise later? Or breakfast and some scribbles?

Scribbles win.