Friday, 14 March 2014

On Parenthood

Non-parent friends, acquantainces, even strangers often ask hubby and I how it feels to be a parent. I can never come up with a satisfactory response on the spot, but after much thought I think I can sum it up thus:-

Being a parent means having good days and very very frustrating days, with no pattern whatsoever.

One day all is hunky dory in the world, little one is a perfect Ray of Sunshine who eats/sleeps/plays with perfect timing. You are SO grateful to Allah for blessing you with the easiest and most cooperative baby ever.

In the blink of an eye it seems, everything changes. Little Ray of Sunshine is now Great Big Bundle of Colic or Huge Ball of Hyperactivity and for some godforsaken reason refuses to eat, which makes her cranky and because she's hungry she can't sleep. But because she's cranky and sleepy she wont eat, and on and on goes the vicious cycle. Dr. Google has no advice on this strange phenomenon, and you soldier on, knowing that it will, it HAS TO!, eventually come to an end.

Eons later, baby decides to eat and nap as if nothing was ever the matter, what are you fussing about, Mommy?
And as soon as that sweet smelling head hits the hay you ready yourself to creep out of the room, and sneak a peek to make sure your hard work has not gone out the window - and the sight that greets you would melt the hardest of hearts.
One look at the serene smile on that sleepy little face and all is forgotten.

Now you know what angels look like.